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Order your Boat hard top 25Custom Molded Hard Top - starting at $3,690

HardTop for boats larger than 25ft

Our Custom Made Hard Top will give a whole new look to your express or flybridge boat. Every unit is individually designed to your boat specifications. The fiberglass top closely matches the shape of your windshield, flybridge or cabin, for easy enclosure installation. To keep the tower weight low we use Divinycell foam Divinycell Foam Core Hard Top on all of our custom molded tops.

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  • Custom Molded, Hand Finished Edge, Divinycell CoreDivinycell Foam Core Hard Top Hard Top
  • 2" OD Anodized Aluminum Pipe (main legs and frame)
  • 2 Halogen Light Tabs Across the Back
  • Installation Kit (4 Pins, Pads and Backup Plates)
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 5 yrs Warranty
  • Gold Tulip Style Rod Holder
  • Black Tulip Style Rod Holder
  • Pair Halogen Lights (black or white)
  • Silver Tulip Style Rod Holder
  • Lifting Eyes
  • 12v Combination Anchor/Running Light
  • Halogen Light Mount
  • Center Rigger Holder
  • Outrigger Mounting Plates
  • Molded Fiberglass Instrument Panel (starting at)
  • Full Enclosure (30mil Strataglass) scratch resistant, press polished vinyl )
  • $65
  • $85
  • $50
  • $65
  • $65
  • $75
  • $25
  • $45
  • $65
  • $340
  • $Call
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